Camden Ferris

Amateur Writer

United States

I'm an amateur writer, looking to make a career out of it. I currently work in the service industry, and teach percussion on the side.
I love writing, reading, and enjoy watching college football.

Update: Currently taking a Hiatus to work on longer writing projects. Will be back (hopefully) soon!

Unpublished Short Story
Grandma's Balloon

Jesse's Grandma has a large stomach. He wants to give her a gift to help her with that. Word Count 1957.

Unpublished Short Story
The Bayou Bar

Leroy is an alcoholic. Every year he takes a trip to a new part of the U.S. to discover new alcohol and get drunk. This year he's visiting NOLA. Word Count: 2836

Unpublished Short Story
An Innocent Man or "Ideological Sheeple"

Scott is found guilty of a crime he committed and sentenced to death. He, however, claims innocence. He knows he was brainwashed.

Unpublished Short Story

Sarah, looking for money to boy her boyfriend, Parker, a gift for his birthday, calls about an ad posted for housesitting. Word Count: 8139

Unpublished Short Story
Mr. Jobs

Mr Jobs is a detailed, professional killer. Tonight he sends a message to the police trying to arrest him. Word Count: 4560

Unpublished Short Story
A Diplomatic Mission

He is one of six winners in the annual Supreme Leader essay contest and gets to accompany the Supreme Leader on a diplomatic mission to learn more about government.

Unpublished Short Story
Clarence Hemborn

Clarence is stuck in a life he hates. Today, though, he's got a plan to end it all. Word Count: 2495

Unpublished Short Story
The Mutatis

John Axwood (Call sign: Axel) is a Code-keeper aboard The Mutatis, a United States Space Fleet ship. They are sent on a mission to investigate a distress beacon.

Unpublished Short Story
Old Wooden House

Elizabeth is on a mission to investigate a strange wooden house near her town.

Unpublished Short Story
Nose Tabs

Humans have evolved past the biological need for noses. A short story at a high school.

Unpublished Short Story

Sam, a young boy, breaks his arm while playing outside during summer. Devastated, he's offered a new method of healing that comes with a twist.

Unpublished Short Story

A married couple's vacation turns into a nightmare

Unpublished Short Story
The Call

Dennis, a studious, overthinking undergrad, asks a girl out.

Unpublished Short Story
The Hub

David is dead. Now what?